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​Do you hold any information regarding ‘consumer spend on hair and beauty treatments’ with consumer spending habits.

We said

Thank you for your query.

Average weekly expenditure on hair and beauty treatments is recorded in section 12.1.1 of our detailed expenditure tables, which can be found in workbook 1 of our Family Spending articles. The workbook also contains links to tables from previous Family Spending publications.

We should also mention that quarterly and annual total consumer spending on goods and services over time, including estimates adjusted for inflation, are available in our Consumer Trends articles, where the category 'Hairdressing salons and personal grooming establishments' also has code 12.1.1.

To view the latest volume data available for this series (i.e. with the effects of inflation removed) open the following link:

Then download the spreadsheet under "Current" and click on the link for "12 Miscellaneous Goods and Services" and within this spreadsheet select the column containing the time series for COICOP 12.1.1.

If you wish to see the series for 12.1.1 in current prices (including the effects of inflation) then click on the following link and then select the appropriate spreadsheet eg "consumer trends current price seasonally adjusted":