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I make the following Freedom of Information Request

In table 9.2 of the 'UK National Accounts' published 21 October 2017 under Non-produced non-financial assets column AN211 Land gives values for aggregate land.

'National Accounts articles: Changes to the national balance sheet for the Blue Book 2017' provides a description of how this aggregate figure was derived by summing the following components;

AN 2111 Land Underlying Buildings and structure
AN 21111 Land Underlying Dwellings
AN 21112 Land Underlying Buildings and other structures
AN 2112 Land Underlying cultivated biological resources
AN 21121 Agricultural land
AN 21122 Forestry land
AN 21123 And underlying Surface Water used for aquaculture
AN 2113 Recreational Land
AN 2119 Other land n.e.c.

Data was given in graph form for most of these categories but not in numerical form. The published National Accounts do not give these component values either.

Could you please supply the values used to calculate the aggregate AN 211 land value from 1995 - 2016?

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Thank you for your recent enquiry.

Please find attached the information requested.