1. COVID-19 Infection Surveillance Digital (CISD) Advisory Board

The purpose of the CISD Advisory Board is to discuss and make scientific and analytical recommendations to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The board meets bi-monthly bringing together senior leaders from the ONS, UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) and leading scientific academics.

The Board provides current and strategic advice to the programme and makes suggestions on the direction of other COVID-19 related surveillance delivered by the ONS. They aim to ensure the COVID-19 Infection Survey evolves to meet the needs of decision makers as the pandemic progresses and leaves a legacy to support future health population.

The board provide strategic advice and guidance on:

  • the future strategic direction of CISD and other studies directly measuring infection

  • emerging short, medium- and long-term policy priorities for data and methods to address policy priorities as necessary

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2. Board membership

The CISD Advisory Board comprises of:

  • UKSA Non-Executive - Sir David Spiegelhalter (Chair)
  • National Statistician - Sir Ian Diamond
  • Health Analysis and Pandemic Insights Director - Ruth Studley
  • Oxford University Chief Investigator and Study Lead - Sarah Walker
  • UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) - Monika Preuss
  • National Core Studies Scientific Oversight - Anne Johnson
  • National Core Studies Scientific Oversight - Sir Jeremy Farrar
  • Deputy Chief Medical Officer - Thomas Waite
  • UK Health Security Agency, Chief Executive - Jenny Harries
  • Office for Health Improvement and Disparities - John Newton
  • Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford University - John Bell
  • UK Health Security Agency, Chief Medical Officer - Susan Hopkins
  • Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology at Lancaster Medical School - Christopher Jewell
  • Nick Taylor - Deputy Director for CISD Analysis (ONS)
  • Fiona Dawe - Deputy Director for Wider Surveillance Studies & CISD Operations (ONS)
  • Dan Dukes - Deputy Director for CISD Operations & Transition (ONS)
  • PMO Secretariat (ONS)
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