Early experimental data and analysis on economic activity and social change in the UK. These faster indicators are created using rapid response surveys, novel data sources, and experimental methods.



  • Online job advert estimates

    Experimental job advert indices covering the UK job market.

  • Traffic camera activity

    Experimental dataset for business indices covering the UK as part of the real-time indicators release to help better understand economic activity and social change in the UK.

  • Daily UK flights

    Experimental daily UK flight numbers and rolling seven-day average, including flights to, from, and within the UK.

  • Value Added Tax (VAT)

    Value Added Tax (VAT) turnover and expenditure diffusion indexes and new VAT reporters using data from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) VAT returns.

  • UK spending on credit and debit cards

    These data series are experimental faster indicators for monitoring UK spending using debit and credit cards.

  • Company incorporations, voluntary dissolutions and compulsory dissolutions

    Weekly dataset showing the number of Companies House incorporations and voluntary dissolutions accepted, and companies placed into compulsory dissolution.

  • Vehicle flows around ports

    Monthly data showing vehicle flows around major ports in England. Contains average 15 minute sensor counts by size of vehicle, and average speeds.