20 April 2018

As announced on 28 March 2018, some minor errors occurred in the Children’s Well-being Measures (2016) dataset in the back series of estimates due to mistakes during the quality assurance process. The details of these errors and the worksheets affected are listed in the corrections worksheet at the beginning of the spreadsheet. As announced on 26 March 2018, an error occurred in the Children’s Well-being Measures (2018) dataset. This was due to incorrect labelling of the table ‘Participated in any sport in the last four weeks, by gender and age’ under tab 4.1 ‘Sport participation’.

We have corrected the errors in these releases, and all other data affected. You can see all previous versions of the data on the previous versions page. We apologise for any inconvenience. Please contact Edward Pyle for more information.

About this Dataset

The latest data for the 31 measures of children’s well-being, within seven domains, complementing the national measures of well-being.

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