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Figures on coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine uptake in school pupils aged 12 to 17 years attending state-funded secondary, sixth form and special schools, broken down by demographic and geographic characteristics, using a linked English Schools Census and National Immunisation Management System dataset. Experimental Statistics.

Edition in the dataset

Up to 22 July 2022 edition of this dataset

Up to 9 January 2022 edition of this dataset

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The vaccination data presented in this dataset are produced using the linked English Schools Census (ESC) and National Immunisation Management System (NIMS) datasets. This dataset covers pupils in state-funded schools only, including special schools and sixth forms attached to schools. Therefore, the data will differ from the administrative data on vaccinations published by NHS England weekly, which cover all vaccinations given to individuals who have an NHS number and are currently alive in the resident population.

Not all children will be eligible for a vaccine, for example, those who had received a positive coronavirus (COVID-19) test within the previous 12 weeks.  It should not be assumed that those who are recorded as unvaccinated in this analysis have refused a COVID-19 vaccination.

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