All data related to Coronavirus and the social impacts on Great Britain: 12 March 2021

  • Coronavirus and the social impacts on Great Britain

    Set ddata | Released on 1 April 2022

    The impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on people, households and communities in Great Britain – indicators from the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey (OPN).

    Allweddeiriau: well-being, working from home, social distancing, vaccination, covidvaccines

  • Worries about return to school or college

    Set ddata | Released on 12 March 2021

    Analysis on worries about children or young people's return to school or college. Based on the coronavirus (COVID-19) module of the OPN, collected between 3 and 7 March 2021.

    Allweddeiriau: coronavirus, health, well-being, society, COVID-19