All data related to Unit labour costs, UK: October to December 2019

  • Sectional unit labour costs

    Set ddata | Dataset ID: LPRODSULC | Released on 7 April 2020

    Sectional unit labour costs and revisions from previously published estimates, UK.
  • Unit labour cost and unit wage cost time series

    Set ddata | Dataset ID: UCST | Released on 14 May 2024

    Unit labour cost, average labour compensation per hour worked, labour share and unit wage cost for the whole UK economy, unit wage cost for manufacturing.

    Allweddeiriau: labour, wage, quarterly, industries, manufacturing

  • Unit labour costs

    Set ddata | Released on 7 October 2021

    Unit labour costs (ULCs) reflect the full labour costs incurred in the production of a unit of economic output, including social security and employers’ pension contributions.

    Allweddeiriau: production costs, labour costs, economic output

  • Unit labour costs: revisions triangle

    Set ddata | Released on 7 October 2021

    Revisions triangles for unit labour costs, unit wage costs and unit wage costs in manufacturing.