Corrections and notices


18 September 2023

We have corrected an error in Table 2 Urban natural capital accounts, UK: 2023 - Annual value.

The previous version had an incorrect total for Cultural Total due to an error in calculation.


19 December 2023

Data included in this release contain an error affecting the service of air pollution removal. Some physical removals were incorrectly excluded due to errors in the aggregation of geographic areas. Monetary values split by habitat are also affected as physical flows are used to apportion annual monetary values across habitats. This error has been corrected in the UK Natural Capital Accounts: 2023 and subsequent releases, which also include the latest methodologies and data split by nation and habitat.

About this Dataset

Supplementary data tables for the urban natural capital accounts, UK.

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2023 edition of this dataset

Previous versions of this data are available.

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