10 November 2017

We announced in our previous release that we were planning to stop the publication of Turnover in Production and Services Industries (TOPSI), which is based on the Monthly Business Survey (MBS). The final release of TOPSI in its current form is today, 10 November 2017.

From December 2017, the Index of Production and Index of Services bulletins will each contain an additional annex covering the Monthly Business Survey data used in the compilation of that bulletin.

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    10 November 2017
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About this Dataset

Monthly turnover and exports data for UK production and Great Britain services industries.

Edition in the dataset

Previous versions of this data are available.

Nodiadau pwysig a gwybodaeth ynghylch defnyddio

Standard Industrial Classifications (SICs) for Production industries comprise SICs 07-39, excluding 09, 19, 24.1-32 and 36.

SICs for Manufacturing industries comprise SICs 10-33, excluding 19 and 24.1-32. Series JT27 (‘Total turnover for manufacturing in the UK’) represents this criteria.

SICs for Services industries comprise SICS 45-96, excluding 47; 49.1-2; 50-51; 64-68.1-2; 70.1; 81.13; 84; 85.1-31; 87-88; 92; 94, and 96.04/09. Series JT28 (‘Total turnover for services in GB’) represents this criteria.

More information on SICs can be found here.

The majority of data series have data present from Jan 1998 to the latest published period. However, all series relating to SICs listed below have data only from the specified period; with zeros displayed for periods prior to their introduction:

SIC 10.1: Processing and preserving of meat and production of meat products (2010 Jan)
SIC 10.4: Manufacture of vegetable and animal oils and fats (2013 Apr)
SIC 10.5: Manufacture of dairy products (2010 Jan)
SIC 10.6: Manufacture of grain mill products, starches and starch products (2013 Apr)
SIC 10.9: Manufacture of prepared animal feeds (2010 Jan)
SIC 11.01-06 + 12: Manufacture of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products (2010 Jan)
SIC 37: Sewerage (2000 Apr)
SIC 45: Wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles (2000 Jan)
SIC 53: Postal and courier activities (2016 Jan)
SIC 56: Food and beverage service activities (2000 Jan)
SIC 68.3: Real estate activities on a fee or contract basis (2010 Jul)
SIC 70.2: Management consultancy activities (2000 Jan)
SIC 72: Scientific research and development (2000 Apr)
SIC 75: Veterinary activities (2010 Jul)
SIC 77: Rental and leasing activities (2000 Jan)
SIC 78: Employment activities (2000 Jan)
SIC 79: Travel agency, tour operator and other reservation service and related activities (2000 Jan)
SIC 80: Security and investigation activities (2000 Jan)
SIC 81.2: Cleaning activities (2000 Jan)
SIC 82: Office administrative, office support and other business support activities (2000 Jan)
SIC 86: Human health activities (2010 Jul)
SIC 91: Libraries, archives, museums and other cultural activities (2010 Jul)
SIC 93: Sports activities and amusement and recreation activities (2010 Jul)
SIC 96.01-03: Other personal service activities, excluding physical well-being and other n.e.c (2000 Apr).

Totals for UK Manufacturing (JT27) and GB Services (JT28) may therefore introduce discontinuities, and users should approach any comparisons of these totals over time with the above information in mind.

Figures for SIC 55 (‘Accommodation’ – JQ34) and 56 (‘Food and beverage service activities’ – JQ37) include VAT up to April 2009; and exclude VAT from May 2009 onwards.

Please refer to the titles and footnotes in the TOPSI Turnover and Export tables for other information.

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