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  • Understanding towns in England and Wales: spatial analysis

    Set ddata | Released on 7 December 2020

    Towns in England and Wales: towns list, classification, population and employment data.

    Allweddeiriau: subnational, travel to work areas, deprivation, regions, job density

  • Twinned towns and sister cities

    Set ddata | Released on 23 September 2020

    Twinned towns and sister cities British towns and cities that have a twinning link with towns and cities in European countries, mostly in France and Germany, based on information given on council or twinning association websites in September 2020.

    Allweddeiriau: Urban Audit

  • High street employment, land use and resident population

    Set ddata | Released on 10 August 2020

    Mapping the location and characteristics of high streets in Great Britain, working with experimental Ordnance Survey High Street extents and Office for National Statistics data.

    Allweddeiriau: Employment, Shop, , Retail, Population, Offices

  • Analysis of population estimates tool

    Set ddata | Released on 24 June 2020

    Interactive analysis of estimated population change for England and Wales, by geography, age and sex. Annual estimates are from mid-2011 onwards.

    Allweddeiriau: population change, international migration, internal migration, local authority

  • Milestones: journeying through adulthood

    Set ddata | Released on 17 December 2019

    Underlying data tables for the article Milestones: journeying through adulthood
  • Population characteristics research tables

    Set ddata | Released on 4 December 2019

    Supporting tables for Research report on population estimates by ethnic group and religion.

    Allweddeiriau: ethnic group, religion, population

  • Milestones: journeying into adulthood

    Set ddata | Released on 18 February 2019

    Supporting data for the article “Milestones: journeying into adulthood”
  • Population estimates: revision tool

    Set ddata | Released on 22 March 2018

    Original and revised subnational population estimates of England and Wales for mid-2012 to mid-2016. Interactive annual data are available by administrative area, age, sex and component of population change.

    Allweddeiriau: Local Authority, Population Pyramid, Age and sex, Immigration, Emigration

  • Population of England and Wales: 21st century mortality

    Set ddata | Released on 12 October 2017

    Annual data on the usually resident population of England and Wales by five-year age group and sex. Estimates are based on mid-year population estimates, which are used to calculate comparable mortality rates across the period.

    Allweddeiriau: cause of death, mortality rates, death statistics, mortality, ICD-10, ICD10

  • Population estimates: analysis tool

    Set ddata | Released on 22 June 2017

    Interactive analysis of estimated UK population change, by geography, age and sex. Annual estimates are for mid-2011 to mid-2016.

    Allweddeiriau: Local Authority, Analysis Tool, Interactive Pyramid