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Product by industry, product by product and further analyses tables for the UK.

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2010 detailed

Previous versions of this data are available

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The 2015 UK input-output analytical tables (IOATs) are consistent with the 2018 editions of UK National Accounts, The Blue Book and UK Balance of Payments, The Pink Book.

The 2015 IOATs are derived from the 2015 annual supply and use tables (SUTs).

The SUTs provide a picture of the flows of products and services in the economy for a single year and are used to set the level of annual current price gross domestic product (GDP). They show the composition of uses and resources across institutional sectors and the inter-dependence of industries, to reconcile the production, income and expenditure approaches to the measurement of GDP. These tables, together with supplementary data and certain economic assumptions (that is, technology assumptions), have been combined to construct the input-output table.

The input-output table describes how products (and primary inputs) are used to produce further products and satisfy final demand. The input-output table and its derivative outputs collectively form the IOATs.

The IOATs were traditionally published once every five years due to the time it takes to compile the additional data required. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has been aware of the strong user demand for publication of IOATs on a more frequent basis and so the tables have now been produced more regularly. We intend to build on the work done and move towards annual publication in the future. The previous version of the IOATs was the 2014 edition, which was consistent with the Blue Book 2017 dataset.

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